Monologues 2


I can understand what you are going through as I too have trodden the same path eons ago it now seems as if in my earlier lifetime. Now I feel so removed with the experience that I can view it as if it happened to someone else. It can happen to you also. Only thing you have to ensure is that you don’t lose your sanity in this nightmarish journey you’ve called upon to undertake at this stage of your life. Don’t lose heart and just push along the way and somewhere along the way you will find that nothing matters too much; to fritter away such a precious gift of life by being a prisoner of negative emotions which play havoc with our lives.

I know it seems quite impossible to think straight at times like this and if you think that it contains even an iota of truth then I would like you or even encourage you to explore and understand the whole gamut of relationships as it is quite a relative term, only we tend to absolutise everything and we find ourselves trapped at times. Generally it is a tool for our growth and transformation, only we tend to shy away as the whole process seems to be quite painful. But believe me it only leads us to know ourselves better and become a better human being as we grow into a more mature, understanding, considerate and caring individual who instead of dreading them, is open to the processes of life and trust them as the stepping stones for his or her growth.

I know it all seems so boring as the benumbed mind refuses to think since the mind has left everything unto the autopilot to cope up with the with the routine of life and has gone into the hiding as it is afraid of bringing its fears on the surface. One tends to think like that because everyone around is busy in his or her own world with neither time nor inclination to help or share problems with others, but one can’t really blame them as they too are caught in their problems of their own. But I feel the true relationship means caring and sharing unconditionally. The problems start only when we starts placing restrictions and conditions on the relations which choke and strangle the joy, affection and faith or trust inherent in any relation and it becomes a living death sentence for both the parties. And it happens in every relation be it in family or amongst friends. So the key is perhaps unconditional love and trust.


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