Solitudes Sagas……


It is also true that no one likes to be left alone, abandoned by the society, an outcast, a pariah forced to live in grim solitary cell of loneliness, a condemned man to live and die alone as decreed by the anonymous and faceless society of mankind rushing into the whirlwind called life which may take them to places they have never been to, or might leave them stranded them at some deserted island or sink them at the high seas. Still the risks involved seem to be of no consequence as compared to being left alone, abandoned and cast away by everyone.

And loneliness or solitude seems to be too big a price to for being unable to accept or tolerate few inconvenient moments arising out of the disdain, hatred, scorn, indifference or apathy reflected in others eyes. The interplay of these and other emotions remain a harmless pastime till the moment they persuade or force one to act or go against ourselves or others. Since it doesn’t matter much, whether we go against others or ourselves as everyone involved is affected and suffers in the long run. No one can claim to remain undisturbed or untouched by the consequences set in motion by the acts or choices made in the past.

The rippling effect or the consequences sooner or later catches us all, enmeshing in the vicious web of the dangerous undercurrents formed by the interplay of the huge waves of emotions threatening to go out of hands, bent on wreaking havoc and destruction and sometimes threaten to drown our sanity, belief systems, and values like hope, love, kindness and understanding, the main edifice or foundations upon which the entire mankind has built and woven the complex networks of relationships a safety net to avoid falling down or getting hurt. In the absence of any kind of support system one would not be able to survive for long, if left alone at the mercy of elements or nature or even life.


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