Soul Connections

Friendship is a very unique and complex set of inter-relationships between two or more individual having diverse backgrounds, clearly falling outside the usual set of relationships, the kinsfolk or relatives or clan or caste-subsystems when we talk of our subcontinent. It is a circle of light/radiance illuminating the inner recesses of our soul where a friend enters unbidden at times of joy or sorrows where other abandons or deserts us in our greatest hour of need. A true friendship can withstand the tests of time and knows no boundaries or restrictions or limitations as is the case with other sets of relationships which is the most prominent leitmotif intricately woven across the tapestry of human life. All our faults and flaws mirrored in the eyes of a friend does not make them despise or desert us but a loving and compassionate friendship based on the values of unconditional acceptance and non-judgmental attitude.