Pebble’s Street

Mind the eternal wanderer, ever so elusive, always on the run, not content in staying at one place or rebels at the mere thought of being tied down or confined within boundaries or closed spaces. But the question remains, if it is forever on run, and then is it a fugitive of what or whom one may never know.

Is it trying to escape from the time space continuum and trying to break free from the barriers or the constraints imposed by the three dimensional reality or illusions thereof or from being a non entity or in a state of non-being falling down into the abyss of nothingness, a big black hole, an alternate reality where everything is in reverse mode, not the one we are used to.

So it becomes very difficult for the mind to accept these things, as we are unable to handle reversals in life which involves a lot of back stepping or looking back if only to gain a new perspective of the problem or obstacles lying in wait for us to trip and fall down.


Circle of radiance 1

Magic Lantern
Honestly I have no other word to explain it, so I would rather make use of it and hopefully get away with it. Since I can not explain it in any other way, so I am convinced that perhaps this is the little secret every moment hides from us all. Well, I have come to believe that every moment comes into our lives with its special melody or symphony as well as its unique light to illuminate the path we are heading at that precise moment. But sadly, we remain oblivious of its inner fire which glows to illuminate the dark expanse of our innerscape, perhaps to make us privy to or impart some semblance of order to the chaotic universe inhabiting in our inner beings unknown to us.
The epiphany which silently fills our entire being with a sense of wonder whose radiance in turn illuminates our entire universe in which several of the puzzles and riddles which are tormenting and torturing us since long for its rightful solutions gets solved or cleared in a jiffy, leaving us filled with a sense of exuberance, joy and wonder. It envelops our soul in a warm embrace so as to reassure us its presence in our lives when we are given to doubting, that in the rush to move ahead in the life perhaps we had lost it for good. And at that particular moment everything falls into its place and becomes crystal clear for everyone to see, only if we are inclined to trust our heart and go with the flow instead of obstructing the flow of life with our preconceived notions and prejudices. Then there is no conflict or any cause to be scared if we place our trust wholeheartedly in our mysterious and magical journey called life since whatever happens is nothing but stepping stones for us to tread and follow to reach the final destination come what may.
Every situation or circumstance howsoever uglier it may seem at that moment is a magical mirror for us to see and respond to, if we are scared then the mirror would turn ugly to scare us even more but if we patiently explore the mirror placed in our way to reveal its true significance then it may show us or reflect the truth or the quest as the matter may be. Like, when we are troubled by the way people behave then perhaps it was the time for us to stop and listen to the silence which hides the truth into its veil. Only then we would be able to see that if we had enough love and peace and understanding then everything would and could be forgiven and forgotten since love conquers all odds and obstacles, in fact everything.
And love is more than sufficient for all of us to live and be, the trouble starts when there is not enough love amongst ourselves and  we are unable to love unconditionally as the love ought to be. Very often it becomes a tool or weapon to punish or reward others. We start to with hold it from those who are in great need for the same and bestow it on others who are unworthy of honors. Even then, in the last analysis it is not something to be used so badly. Rather it is life incarnate, nothing else. And nothing matters anymore when love is present in our lives. It is a patient teacher and guide which holds our hands and lovingly guides us through different intersections of life.

Circle of radiance…

Either Fight or Flight …… these are the only two choices available to us when we are faces with or encounter the unknown, yet there exists an inherent light of understanding, wisdom, faith & love burning brightly which tends to envelop us all suffusing our innermost core with a warmth never experienced before; and is indeed bigger and stronger than everything and anything which we hold as important in our lives. Yet our eyes are so accustomed to darkness that the dazzling light of truth blinds our eyes, we would rather stay in eternal darkness rather than daring to step forward in the centre of unknown source of light which might illuminate our path only if we allow it to do so.
Yes if I may be allowed to say so this is the key and that too an important one. It is as simple as that, saying YES to anything and everything that happens in our lives, since nothing happens without any reason. Acceptance is the KEY, which can unlock so many doors which we ourselves close on us unknowingly, in our ignorance or fear which assails us when we move towards unknown. It is the fear which stops our steps to move forward even there is no place left to go back, no sanctuary to hide in when faced or seemingly threatened by the unknown. If only we could move a little bit toward the light away from the fateful suffocating stranglehold of bleak familiar world which has turned into a deathtrap for our dreams and aspirations.
We often ignore the light bestowed by the heavens. We are forever engrossed in making choices in terms of either or, exclusive or inclusive of things or issues of our choice since we are able to see and comprehend the two sides of every coin or issue only as the matter may be, since we tend to believe only in tangible proofs and the unseen or unknown world remains mere superstitions which maybe safely ignored or dismissed as old wives’ tales. So we are unable to seek out or strive to see the divine side of things and so are unable to make connections to the thing happening to us, as it all seems so random, so out of blue, that overwhelmed as we are by the circumstances or conditions of our lives in which we find ourselves leaves us with little patience to delve into the mysteries  of things which might broaden the horizons of our understanding, making us more amiable and amenable and tolerant as well as patient, since nothing is gained by rushing the things up which may ultimately worsen the whole affair in the end.
We tend to live and believe in duality or polarity of things, whereas we live in three dimensional world, believe in Holy Trinity and yet are unable to wait to see the other side of the thing or issue revealing itself when its time come, since we have no time for anything, in fact we are a prisoner of time, always short of time, with no time to stand and stare or wait and watch for the things to unravel slowly with the passage of time. We are so obsessed with the notion of scarcity of time that we are so deprived of time even for ourselves.
This deprivation of time a man created malady of modern era is the cause of so many illnesses gnawing away the tapestry of social fabric which in turns threatens to tear down the veils of all our core relationships which we hold so dear to ourselves. This in turn leads to the surfacing of the feelings of distrust, loneliness, envy, anger, hatred and grief as well as deep sorrows buried deep inside the unconscious mind which tears away the facade of normalcy and it becomes very difficult to hold in to our sanity in the given circumstances.  The gaping holes visible on our defenses renders a big blow to our confidence to take on the world on our own terms and we retreat to our shells like a frightened rabbit followed by a deadly hunter in hot pursuit of its quarry.
On a broader perspective, every choice that we tend to make turns out to be only one available to us at that given moment of time since that was the only possible outcome/solution of the given situation, and with the passing of time we are able to understand that all the plethora of choices  that we perceived at that moment were nothing but the part of a big whole hidden from us as we were not yet ready for it to happen in that particular way and it didn’t turned out the way we wanted it to happen.  But it was only so because nothing happens by chance or is mere isolated or unconnected incidents.
Everything is interconnected though sometimes we fail to perceive the connections between the seemingly different incidents since they appear to be so different and unique in make and composition but we should not forget that sometimes the appearances are deceptive and that the first impression rarely last, though its opposite may also be true. Yet as we ascend the higher realms of or planes of consciousness we become aware of the true nature of the things which seems so contradictory, different, unrelated and sometimes so diametrically opposite in nature in the first glance.
But eventually they are the part of a big whole, a great design or divine design. God’s will works in mysterious ways, it is an oft repeated remark and true one too. We can only try to seek and understand or comprehend the mysteries of the divine plans so as to be able to participate willingly and joyously towards the fulfillment of those divine designs or God’s plans.  The divine nature of things is revealed to the God’s people by the Holy Spirit. It is only through the God’s grace that we are able to peek into the mysterious divine world that too only at God’s will.  God shares His plans with believers who act as channel for bearing fruits to the God’s plans. God chooses and seeks us out to bestow His blessings and forsake or leave us during those difficult phases in our lives that we encounter so often when even our shadows seems to leave us with almost everyone walking out on us and those left behind threatening to walk off the moment the going gets rough when we need them most.
But such is life and we are indeed fortunate if we never lose that protective cover of  love affection and care of those who are everything to us in fact a part of our world in the face of turbulent storms or cyclones threatening to wipe out our world just like that. We never wait enough to perceive the glow of light emerging from those situations or conditions to reveal their true significance and purpose. Either our faith is not so great like a rock or we have not learned to live a truly disciplined and obedient life as God wants us to lead, since our attention wanders and we are ensnared by the temptations of this world which hinders our progress on the spiritual path we have taken. We take interest only in worldly matters.
When inner glow of faith permeates our whole lives only then we learn to look up to the light or towards light for guidance. Fear or anger makes us shy away from light, which reveals our true nature not what we want to believe. We tend to paint ourselves and our lives in such beautiful vibrant and radiant colors that others are awestruck and mistaken about our true identity or true colors which too often are dull dark gray bleak lusterless paintings of our innerscape  just like others which is a gray world full of smoke fog and smog where lines of distinction between several things are blurred as we ourselves are clueless as to our true nature or the things that surround us.