Rainbow Forest

Tapestry of life
As usual
Life’s busy
Weaving an intricate pattern
With unseeing eyes
Mystical yet earthly
On the tapestry of time
Unmindful of
Broken wings
Or broken dreams
Pausing awhile
To add
Perhaps a new motif
Or a new flavour
Perhaps a new dream
Or some forgotten magic
Tapestry of time
Cascading like a waterfall
Memories splashing around
The inner recesses of mind
On some foggy lazy afternoon.
Landscaping the torn jagged
Contours of feelings
Suffused with the
Soft glowing hues
The bits and snatches of
Fragments of laughter
Smells n traces
Of bygone era
Weaves a sad
Poignant melody
On the tapestry of time.

Path to perfection…

Each of us has imperfections which in fact are the God’s way of writing a backdoor entry programs in our systems whereby He often slips un obtrusively into our systems unseen and undetected by our not so alert sentries or antennas who are themselves most of the times badly in the need for fine tuning and a complete overhauling since most of us sleepwalks through the life like a zombie. But since God is perfect and all his creations are perfect. He always tries to make us perfect both with and without our acquiescence.
And most of the times we are not even aware of these encounters as we move along the path unconsciously and we are more often than not ungrateful and rude as we don’t want any kind of interference in our lives even if God himself may want to intervene into our lives.
But we are so time starved that we don’t have time for anyone not even for ourselves at times and certainly not for divine intervention in our lives. In fact we have grown so arrogant that we consider ourselves the sole architect and master of our fate and destiny that we are not even ready to share the credits with anyone not even the Creator.
But one incident is enough to bring down our confidence and arrogance like a house of cards. But even this doesn’t change us or our attitude as the attitude is the most in thing in today’s times and each of us is out to flaunt of fling our attitudes in the face of others to shock and subdue them. We want nothing else but to make others see green or red as the case may be but none of us want to be at the receiving end. We never see our shortcomings or imperfections as the steppingstones or the point of origin for an inward onward or even forward journey to perfection with ample scope for improvement since they open an infinite vista of untapped possibilities, which can alter or change our lives in a more dramatic manner than we care to think.
And is it not so what we so crave for a change in our lives and that too for better but we are not willing to work towards effecting that change ourselves. We rely upon fate or destiny to such an extent that we choose to idle away the precious moments that could be used to move in a more creative constructive and positive way a path to ultimate bliss and happiness and peace.

Inner world of words….

Inner world of words
How can one enter into the silent worlds of words or conversations for that matter when one’s world is constantly bombarded with immense sensory inputs which needs immediate attention and response in categorizing and cataloguing the data or outside transmissions received so far to be recorded and retrieved for use whenever need arose or presented itself.
The mind would invariably try to make sense of whatever data is presented for processing on the basis of existing and prior body of knowledge and would in an instant either accept or reject the propositions the data in question entailed and would commit to its memory the decision taken thereof for further reference or use.
The mind operates on its own set of logic and often leaves one baffled or asking for more if one is not closely watching oneself. Sometimes it may even seem a complete stranger who inhabits one’s body and controlling it to act in a particular way and not in the manner one desires to act. It can even lead one astray if it is left alone to become a victim of circumstances and ruin one’s life by sinking in the vortices of temptations treacheries.
The words reveal their inner meanings when one learn to empty oneself to enter their silent and solitary worlds and share their inner turmoil and anguish which they experience when people betray them and give them utterly different meaning to suit themselves. One would not easily grasp their true meanings, which are revealed to the seekers who follow their quest to understand things to their bitter or better end.
Words are often used by us to avoid entering into any kind of conversation or communication with others. We use them to stonewall others by trying to intimidate terrorize dominate domineer or destroy others. They are more often than not are used as a strategy to keep others at length or away or to either humiliate them or to reward them based on their attitude towards us. It can double up as a defense mechanism or strategy to attack dominate and subdue others. We do all this and than some more but often fail to make the intended and most obvious use in making an effort to dig deeper and find and locate the underlying meaning which animates their whole being and silently reverberate and illuminate their dark and lonesome heart.



Life with its own share of ups and downs never fails to amaze the precocious observer who adapts himself to accept every vagaries of life. Since choosing not to do so is to condemn oneself for a life of routine boring and mundane existence with almost no sprinkling of adventures, miracles, the unexpected factor or element factored by the life to break its monotonous pace. It ensures a bittersweet taste to linger in our memories as an after thought or fragrance, which also makes our memories, seems more pleasant and fresh and evergreen. It increases the shelf life of those monotones, monochromatic memories turning them into luminous, fluorescent floating cadences illuminating the deepest corners of mind with its soft silky hued ever glow, warming the interiors with its soft and penetrating bright light. It dispels the gloom and darkness spread by the mundane and monotonous existence obliterating every possibility of adventures or miracles, strait jacketing every experience into some preset moulds leaving nothing to chance, and thereby ensuring a trouble free life in exchange for an unpredictable lifestyle which may be admirable but is certainly not to be emulated for God’s sake says everyone.