The journeys within has often led to the understanding of things on a more deeper level, connecting one to the core of the matters instead of merely observing the phenomena from the periphery. A deeper level of awareness or consciousness gives us a chance to merge our identities with the moment and experience it from within and not from outside as we tend to do most of the times.

The energies of the moment flowing through us cleanses us, expands our vision and takes us to a much more higher level of awareness, which in turn creates the conditions conducive to the understanding with a much greater depth, with a more loving and compassionate views with which one judges things in their true perspective and forgives and forgets easily and moves ahead with a lighter and joyful tread or steps.

As we go deeper and deeper, the hitherto unknown hidden dimensions come to light and nudges us gently to embark on an unprecedented and unparallel journey or a quest, which may bewilder us with arrays of revelations jostling to get our attention, a sense of wonder and awe follows us as we begin to unravel the mysteries which may have had eluded us in the past. But if we wish to look for the truth then we have to take the risk and try to look beyond the mists or veil of pale at some point of time to get at the truth. The journeys are the link of tiny efforts in the quest of the truth.


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